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adaptation of a room for an independent tiny apartment
15 square meters

Designing the layout of rooms, function planning, arrangement, stylization, sewing textile accesories.
Executive superision.

Consultation of building standards for a bathroom Architectural Office JMZ.


My task was to adapt a room (15 square meters) for an independent apartment for rent. The tenement house, where the apartment is located, is being in process of revitalizating. Project was determinated by three circumstitions:
- limited budget
- short deadline
- minimal space.

The priority were practicality, functionality and comfort of life. Since I had only 15 meters at my disposal, every centymeter was a treasure. To fit in on time and budget, it was necessary to apply ready-made or quick to make - what means standard - solutions.

The appartament is to rent, so the aesthetics was to be rather neutral, „safe” and easy to rearrangements. I choosed simple, modern style with two retro accents – Thonet chair and Art Nouveau poster. I used white and black base and I added color in accessories.

1. The niche was divided into two parts by the wall. In the bathroom it gaved space for a washing machine, and in the hall – for a closed
Making simple shelves and curtain instead of building a wardrobe let save time and budget.

2. Bathroom - cupboard with mirror over the sink. Cupboards under and above the sink give the storage without taking up extra space in the apartment.

3. Kitchenette - two rows of cupboards to the ceiling increase the storage area without taking up extra space in the apartment. The dryer over the sink saves space on the worktop.

4.  A wardrobe with a mirror on the doors. Saving time – you buy two in one at once. Saving space – the mirror doesn’t occupy the walls. The mirror visually enlarges the space. 

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