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#holdadolls are elegant collector art dolls. I have been creating them for 11 years. They have simple, raw form combined with strong colours and symbolize freed power, sexuality and imagination. My favourite motif is human body, especially nude - you can see it also in my dolls. Lots of my dolls are inspired by myths, magic and religion of Goddess. They are meant for people who are looking for unique work of art, elegant interior decoration and/ or magic and cult dolls.

I make:
dolls - goddesses
magic dolls (traditional Slavic Motankas and ones originaly designed by me)
symbolic & guardian dolls
decorative dolls.

For me a doll is more than just an object. She represents not only a human (or animal) body, but also feelings, thoughts, soul. Dolls reflect traditions and aspirations of their owners and makers, represent culture, have religious meanning.

2017 Art Doll Prague Biennale - 3rd prize in category "dolls from soft materials" for "Devil (Tarot Doll)"